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Mobile Car Detailing

As a mobile car detailing service, we're able to offer our services wherever you need them; we'll come to you!

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Expert Mobile Interior Car Detailing Services in Buffalo, NY

We’re Shine Mobile Detailing, and we’re here to take care of your vehicle. We believe in the power of word of mouth, so we’ve built our business on serving clients in Buffalo, NY, who are satisfied, and excited to tell their friends about us. That’s why we’ve been in the mobile car detailing business for eight years! We specialize in high-end vehicles and are known for our attention to detail. Our goal is to ensure that every car we work on looks like it just rolled off the lot—even if it’s been sitting in a garage for years.

Have Your Car Looking Brand New Again

Our clients appreciate our set prices. You won’t find any hidden fees or extra charges! We believe that if you’re going to spend money on your car, it should be money well spent. Since we are a mobile car detailing service, we’re able to offer our services wherever you need them, call us, and we’ll come to you! It’s that simple. Let us make your vehicle’s interior look new again. We specialize in removing any built up filth
and restore the surfaces to their original lust.

Our mobile car detailing services include:

  • Deep Clean and Conditioning of all Vinyl Surfaces
  • Deep Clean and Conditioning of all Leather Surfaces
  • Car Carpet Shampoo and Extraction of First Two Rows of Vehicle
  • Vacuum and Weather Mat Cleanse
  • Full Vinyl Wipe Down (Dash, Doors, Seats, Display Screens, Windows)

Schedule a Detailing Today

Whether you need a full detail or just a quick touch-up, Shine Mobile Detailing can help! Take advantage of our full mobile car detailing services in Buffalo, NY, and call us today to get started!